To Hell and Back…

7 Jun

My good pal (and brand new collaborator!) Chris Williams asked me a while ago to film the last ever performance of the Drunken Chorus show ‘And Hell Followed With Them’.

This was exciting for many reasons. Firstly I LOVE horror. Fact. I love horror films, horror stories, collecting horror memorabilia, dressing up like a horror character.. I love horror!!

And in Drunken Chorus’s own words ‘And Hell Followed With Them’…

“is a haunting piece of theatre, exploring the tension and suspense of the horror genre…”


Secondly Drunken Chorus are a brilliant company. I’ve worked with/for them a couple of times in the past and it has always been a great experience. We first met back in 2005 on a theatre exchange trip to Goole’s twin town Zlotow in Poland, I was there as Electric Youth theatre leader and Drunken Chorus (then known as Zero.6) were there to perform.

After Poland I created a video installation called ‘I can’t talk about death because it hurts too much (so here is a piece of life)’ to be part of a performance Drunken Chorus were working on called ‘Your Guide to Death (is Beautiful)’.

Since then I have worked as ‘techie’ for them a few times, doing their sound and lights while on tour in places like London, Lancaster, Preston, Nottingham, Edinburgh…

So it was great to be back ‘behind the scenes’ with them again : )

Thirdly.. It was the LAST ever performance! Pretty exciting! A great night to capture on film..

 So Saturday 28th May saw me and Crestfallen Adam back up north in my old stomping ground of Junction, Goole’s wonderful theatre/cinema/general arts hub. This is the place I used to work as the ‘Electric Youth Theatre’ leader before I left for London. The venue only opened in autumn 2009 and I had the great pleasure of working with my group of young people to create a piece of theatre that was performed on the opening night of Junction. I have many amazing memories from leading Electric for 3 years, but it would be hard to beat the honour of working with the groups to create the final performance at Goole’s old theatre ‘The Gate’ (now closed) or creating a performance to open Goole’s new theatre ‘Junction’.

And it was great to see a couple of the young people who used to be members of Electric come along to support Drunken Chorus and watch their performance!

‘And Hell Followed With Them’ totally exceeded my expectations. I knew it would be great based on previous work I had seen, but it was seriously good. It was intense and dark and harrowing and yet ended on a dance routine!! No lie! Marvellous.

I would definitely recommend that everyone go and watch the show… but unfortunately you can’t because I filmed the LAST ever performance of it.. It exists now only as the stuff of legend.. and of course in my documentation of the performance.. : )

Mucho love x

p.s. ‘We all go a little mad sometimes..’


3 Responses to “To Hell and Back…”

  1. Becky June 7, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    Hey Sheeeeenaaa! I AH-DORED drunken chorus’s show! especially the dance routine at the end, the whole thing was very David Lynch!
    I miss Electric theatre and the crazy shows we did!
    SOOO jelous of you in London, doing exactly what I want to do next year, hope evrything’s going well for youu 🙂
    totally un-related comment- I just nearly jumped out of my skin watching a horror film and the demon lady jumped out and terrified me!
    Love Ya!


  1. Gonna make this a night to remember… « Just a Crestfallen Northern Girl… - May 29, 2012

    […] year around this time me and Adam filmed the final performance of the Drunken Chorus show ‘And Hell Followed With Them’. This film is now edited and available to watch online so I wanted to share a link to it… […]

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