It’s a Question of Love…

6 Feb

About 6 months ago I started a brand new collaboration with my friend and fellow northerner Chris. Together we go by the name of Question your Teaspoons.

My main interest is film and Chris is from a performance background, but we cross over with a shared interest in multi-disciplinary and site specific work.

We’ve had lots of really exciting ideas for projects over the past few months.  Our first real project was commissioned by Chester Performs and took place last October as part of the Up the Wall festival on the Chester Castle walls.

 ‘The Spaces Between Us’ is a film/audio/installation all about what it really feels like to live on the border between two countries. In creating this piece Chris and I travelled to Wales where we spent a couple of days crossing back and forth across the border and meeting some really interesting people along the way…

In the very early days of QyT one of the first things that Chris and I talked about was creating a site specific event in the Market Hall of Goole, the town where we both grew up. We are both obsessed with how places are viewed, how places can hold memories and how perceptions of a place can change when new memories are created.

So we focused our ideas on how this could work within the market setting and we applied to the Arts Council for funding to run the project. We planned to do two ‘events’ – one in November and one in February. In August we found out that we had been awarded full funding! and quickly we began planning the first event…

We called the project ‘Mayhem in the Market’ and planned to name each individual event according to its theme. So the first one was Christmas themed and became ‘Mulled Wine + Snowflakes’.

The next event is taking its theme from St Valentine’s Day and is called ‘Love Letters + Broken Hearts’. It is taking place on Saturday 18th February from 12pm-5pm.

Since August ‘Mayhem in the Market’ has become a gigantic part of the lives of me and Chris (and a big part of our friends and families lives too! – who have given up their time and energy to help us out throughout the whole process!). It is a project that we thoroughly believe in and are passionate about. We are very excited for ‘Love Letters + Broken Hearts’ – we have commissioned what we believe to be a brilliant mix of exciting artists who will be creating work especially for the event.

At the moment, we still need to raise our final chunk of match funding for Mayhem in the Market (when a project receives a grant from Arts Council England, it’s usually the case that you need to raise around 10% of the total budget from other sources!!). So, we’ve set up a crowdfunding page on – this is a page where our friends and supporters can pledge cash towards the project, and the best thing about it is that anyone who pledges gets a reward!

Some of the artists involved in the event have offered up some fabulous treats for those who donate… For example, Drunken Chorus are offering the chance to be part of their flash-performance, Catherine Hoffmann is offering a painting session (over skype!!!) and Melissa Bliss is offering a limited edition print of some of the audience-decorated cupcakes from her installation at the event…

‘Love Letters + Broken Hearts’ is going to be a fantastic day, and for Chris and I the culmination of 6 months of hard work. I really hope that as many of you as possible come along and enjoy it with us!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

With LOVE xxx


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