Of Course My Horse!

12 Apr

I’ve been working on a very unusual edit this week… A 30 minute+ piece of video created specifically to be used as a moving backdrop on stage as part of a performance…

A little while ago my comrade Chris asked me to work on a project with him in Morecambe. We are both very interested in multi discipline work and this project gave us a brilliant opportunity to create something and also to collaborate with a local youth theatre to make the work which is something Chris and I enjoy very much.

Before Easter we worked with the young people for a couple of days discussing Morecambe and what it meant to the group. The young people chose some of their favourite or most memorable places in Morecambe and we spent a (very windy and cold) day shooting some beautiful shots which I have this week turned into an edited piece of video. In this post I have shared some photos I took on my phone during those few days in Morecambe.

One of the things Chris and I had to take into consideration with this moving backdrop was – who will follow who? Will the video change in response to the actors on stage (which would mean someone would have to vision mix live on the night) Or will the actors adjust their performance to the video playing behind them (which would mean they would have to be very aware of the video and also on the night of the performance timings might not go exactly right so there is the possibility of some of the action running over into the next video section, or the action finishing too early and the video having to play by itself for a while…)

After some debate we decided to let the actors follow the video – with the idea that we could maybe play on the fact that the actors are having to let the video behind them dictate their performance… And also because I am meant to be filming the performance as well so can’t possibly vision mix at the same time (although I do LOVE multi tasking!)

So today I’m heading back to the North West and we will spend all day tomorrow rehearsing with the group and the video which I am tremendously excited about! Cannot wait to see how it will all fit together!! The piece will be performed at More Music on Saturday 14th April details here. If you are based anywhere near Morecambe you should definitely come along and check it out!!

Mucho Equine love



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