26 Apr

Despite being massively into filmmaking I have to admit that I am still probably the most ‘analogue’ person you would ever meet. I love VHS, cassette mixtapes, my SNES and I do not embrace new technology at all!! (I think mainly because I am a very typical change-hating taurus…)

However, I thought it was high time that I actually had a go at putting some video on this blog… And surprisingly I’ve made it work!! First time! Hooray! Not like me at all!

The Crestfallen film below is a short comedy horror that I directed and co-wrote. It was made specifically for the CUT! short horror competition, that I heard about at the wonderful Fright Fest. In the end the film didn’t actually get chosen for CUT! but it did get screened at some other short film festivals including premiering at the London Short Film Festival. Coolio!

“Has the spirit of a serial killer been passed into your childs favourite toy?”

We shot it over just one weekend and it was an absolute blast. We had a fab cast and crew who all made the experience wonderful. We were lucky enough to be able to shoot for free at a paintballing site, and basically just spent the Saturday evening running around woods with an axe! The people who worked at the paintballing place were our ‘SWAT Team’ and also provided the pyrotechnics : )

Here are some photos from the shoot and Adam talking more about the ‘making of’. The ‘0800-FINALGIRL’ imdb page is here.

Hope you enjoy it! : )

Mucho love



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