Gonna make this a night to remember…

29 May

Last year around this time me and Adam filmed the final performance of the Drunken Chorus show ‘And Hell Followed With Them’. This film is now edited and available to watch online so I wanted to share a link to it… Please give it a watch – it’s a really interesting piece of work.

***PLEASE NOTE: I have included a link to the film within this post but for the best results I recommend you watch this video on YouTube and with good quality headphones or through speakers, due to the bass sounds. I also recommend you change the YouTube settings to 1080pHD**

Capturing a live performance is always so hard because so much of the atmosphere is lost when you just watch it back on your laptop for example. This piece had an amazing soundtrack to it as well which really added to the fear and tension when you experienced it live, and the low rumble was making your seat shudder…

I am massively interested in the idea of recording live work and then having it take on a new life as a piece of non-live work – and also putting non-live work into a piece of live work and seeing how the two interact… Chris and I have been talking about this idea a lot lately and will hopefully be working on a project together soon exploring this… It might even see me return to doing a bit of performing!! Eeek!

Mucho love x


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