Ditched, Savaged and Avenged…

22 Aug

This summer has been totally fantastically insane for me workwise!  I have been lucky enough to work on some really interesting projects in a few really unusual locations! I LOVE being freelance!!

One of the projects that I have been working on is really gathering speed now and it’s getting incredibly exciting!! Late last year Stephen and I started working on a short horror film story which after months of hard work, has turned into ‘The Ditch’ and we are shooting in less than a month!!

The Ditch tells the story of Donna, a pregnant woman speeding away from a violent relationship. In the middle of nowhere she runs someone over and after that things just get worse for Donna as she makes bad decision after bad decision. The Ditch will be a tense and gripping short film which constantly asks the audience ‘what would you do?’

We held an audition day last Saturday in central London, it was a great day and we saw some really talented, lovely people! We have to make our casting decision this week – it’s going to be hard!!

On Monday we headed back to our location – a forest in Dorking  – and met up with our DP and AD to go through the logistics of the shoot. It was a brilliant day!! As we were walking through all the shots it was like I could see the film right in front of me. An awesome feeling!!

Mucho Love x


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