The last few days in pictures… And words!

11 Sep

My life is crazy busy right now – so much is going on! It’s all great stuff though, and all mega exciting! As well as all my other work I am directing a short horror film ‘The Ditch’ this coming weekend… Last week I had my first rehearsal with Katie Pattinson who will be playing Donna. We met up for coffee and had a really good discussion about the script and Donnas role in it. ‘The Ditch’ is all about Donnas decisions and their consequences, so it is really important that Katie and I both totally understand how and why Donna makes each of her decisions. Katie brought so much to that first rehearsal, so many ideas and reasons, it was brilliant! I thought I knew Donna inside out but Katie opened up some amazing new ideas for me, and gave me lots to think about…

On Saturday I was back on location in Dorking for a final tech rehearsal for ‘The Ditch’. We went through the shot list for next weekend and planned exactly where the camera would go. Our fabulous DP Mat took a still for each camera position so we will end up with a super snazzy storyboard that everyone on set will be able to follow.

The only thing that I am not loving about this storyboard is that all of the images are of me… I stood in as Donna for the tech rehearsal, which was really useful because now that I have physically done all of the movements myself it will be much easier to translate this to Katie.

I am just getting so excited for the shoot this coming weekend! While we were at the location – even though it was stressful trying to work everything out it was still a totally brilliant day and I kept just feeling overwhelmingly happy and excited! It’s a good feeling!!

Then Sunday saw me all snazzed up, suited and booted –  because it was a super special and exciting day – it was the  Studio Film School annual red carpet premiere! I have been working for SFS for the past year – running filmmaking workshops with groups of young people, and Sunday was the day when we all came together and watched the films on the big screen and celebrated how hard everyone has worked all year! Awesome!

It was such a lovely day, all the young people were dressed up and there was a red carpet outside the cinema and we had ‘paparazzi’ –  it was brilliant! The films that were screened were ace and it was so inspiring to see so much young talent in one room. I’m really looking forward to starting back at the SFS Saturday film shoots in a couple of weeks.

Mucho love x


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