I Love Lists… Pub Love!

15 Oct

One of the projects I am mega busy with and excited about at the moment is ‘Drunken Nights’ a collaboration I am working on with Chris.

‘Drunken Nights’ will be a series of evenings of performance created specifically for a pub setting.

Me and Chris have spent the summer discussing this project and in turn discussing pubs. Now, I love pubs, I really love them.  I’m talking about ‘proper’ pubs – I’m not really a ‘snazzy bar’ kind of person – I like a pub that serves real ale and has a dart board… Which got me thinking about the kind of things I look for in a pub… and Hey Presto here is a list!… Yey!

1. Real ale served in a proper glass. Not many places serve drinks in these glasses now, I don’t know why. So it’s always brilliant when I find a pub that does : )

2. A dart board. I love a good game of darts! Fancy a game?

3. Dogs in pubs. I love seeing dogs in pubs! It’s not something you really see in London (dogs in handbags don’t count).

4. Scampi and chips. Best meal ever to have in a pub according to me, my best friend and my sister. So there you are it’s a fact.

5. Live music. Any kind. Just love absolutely love to see it.

6. Scampi fries! Best crisps ever. Go wonderfully with a pint.

7. Coat hooks under the bar –  these things are genius! Every pub I go into I search for these – I am usually disappointed but it’s brilliant when I find one!

8. A properly poured pint of Guinness enjoyed with a Jamesons : ) This one is inspired by my love of Ireland and generally something you only find there.

9. People playing dominoes.

10. Hand written chalk board signs : )

So there you have it. If I ever  find a pub with all of these things in then I will be in heaven and will probably never leave! If anyone knows any good pubs that have these kinds of things then please, please share with me : )

Mucho love x


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