Drunken Nights

6 Nov

Deep breath… So this is an extremely exciting week for me and Chris. This week is the proper beginning of our project Drunken Nights. We have been working on this for months now, planning and organising behind the scenes and now (it feels like) suddenly it’s happening!! It’s a scary and awesome feeling!!

Over the past year Chris and I have collaborated on a few different projects (here’s onehere’s another!) but despite both living in London this will be our very first London-based project!

Drunken Nights is a project in stages. The first stage is happening right now… This stage is 3 nights of performance where selected emerging artists will each perform for 10 minutes. These performances will all happen in a pub, and the work performed will be created specifically for a pub. On the 7th November and 5th of December the venue will be The Trafalgar Arms in Tooting and on 20th November the venue  will be The Star* in Highgate.

Stage two will see Drunken Chorus select 3 of the artists to develop their work into a longer piece. These artists will get free rehearsal space from the lovely Rich Mix, development support from Drunken Chorus and mentoring sessions with established artists.

We have been so so incredibly lucky to get some amazing established artists on board as our mentors – Cathy Naden, Adam James and Franko B. Wow. Just wow.

The final stage will be these full length performances being performed at Rich Mix, The Trafalgar Arms and The Star* early next year. For full details of all of these performances see here.

Hope to see you at Drunken Nights!!

Mucho Love x


2 Responses to “Drunken Nights”


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