Drunken Night #1 | 7th November 2012 | Tooting

7 Nov

 Tonight is our very first Drunken Night!!

If you are coming along tonight here is a bit more information about the work you will be seeing…

Wednesday 7th November 2012 – 8pm (Short performances)
@ THE TRAFALGAR ARMS – Tooting High Street, London SW17 0RT – Tube: Tooting Broadway

***Special Guest Compere: MARTINA CURTIN (theatre)

by Façade Theatre
Three women take the time over a bottle (or three) of wine to come up with the easiest, softest, kindest, most humane way to break it off with their male friend.
It’s time to toss Dave out like a semi-used condom.


by Steve Fossey
In the days before we laid down on the couch to have a psychotherapist exercise our demons, we confessed our thoughts in the pub to anyone that would listen. The landlord preceded Freud and the pub is the place where we are able to bear our souls. We just need others to listen.


by Silversmith Dance Theatre
You are cordially invited to the wedding of Sylvia Spinster and (name TBC), on the 7th November, The Trafalgar Arms, Tooting…. The Brideless Groom is a pub wedding, where all are encouraged to participate in the ceremony and celebrations! Help decorate the pub, raise a glass to the happy couple, catch the bouquet, or even be the one to make an honest woman of Sylvia!

by Non Applicable Dance Collective
A practical guide for the perfect night out, with two ‘fully qualified’ course instructors, who will provide a step by step program from start of the night to the finish. Come and be part of a pre-drinking, staggering, crowded and jaunty night, where reality and surreal lines blur and reform. Let your senses be tickled by music, voice, visuals and movement.


by Eggs Collective
Pat, Kat, Peggy, Dot is our homage to boozy nights out, soap operas and tarts with hearts.
Using only text lifted from the BBC Eastenders’ archives, Eggs Collective unleash the most succulent cat fight any audience has ever seen.
“So of course the bitch persona appeals to us; it is the illusion of liberation, liberty and abandon. What if you want to be large in a world that wants you to be small?”
(Wurtzel, Bitch, 1998)


by Fine Chisel
The Fine Chisel band are in town for one night only. There will be drinking. There will be foot-stomping live folk music. There will be raucous sing-alongs and shambolic dancing. Grab yourself a glass and come join them…


I hope you enjoy it!! I CANT WAIT!!! : )

If you do come along please let us know what you thought of the event and the performances.

Mucho Love x



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