Drunken Night #3 | 5th December 2012 | Tooting

4 Dec

Drunken Nights flyer

Holy moley!! It’s December!! It’s time for Drunken Nights #3!!


Wednesday 5th December 2012 – 8pm (Short performances)
@ THE TRAFALGAR ARMS – Tooting High Street, London SW17 0RT – Tube: Tooting Broadway

***Special Guest Compere: JOHN OSBORNE (poet)

– by Eleanor and Sophie
Eleanor is reluctant to go out. She lives in the pub and is still in her pyjamas. She fancies putting on her whites wash load, nursing a pint of milk, and watching the footie on the big screen. When Sophie arrives, however, she is already dressed for a night she might regret. Through a mixture of blackmail, teasing, and inadvisable dancing, these girls tell a story about who they want to be. Whether they get there or not is still unwritten.

– by Josh Coates
Moon Under Water is a conversation between you, Josh and his dad (Nigel) about pubs. After breaking a promise to his father on the turn of his 18th birthday, Josh is now in search for the perfect pub in which to buy his father a belated pint.

– by Selina Thompson
The first time I went to a pub, I was 14. I’m 22 now, don’t worry. The first time I went in a pub, the first time I went to London, the first thing that happened was a fight. I almost feel like that’s what pubs are for…

– by Lydia Fraser Ward
Lydia Fraser-Ward presents newly developed dance piece Binge, exploring how to be drunk, and how to be a woman. Lydia doesn’t drink – she can’t get drunk. She just pretends to be drunk…to fit in. She’ll dance on tables, sing too loudly, and fall over exposing her pants. She wouldn’t want to embarrass herself by sitting in a corner all night. Binge is a dance where Lydia gets to explore what it’s really like to get drunk by asking other women to get drunk for her, or pretend with her. See some ladies get off their heads… or perhaps not.

– by Foxy & Husk
Foxy takes to the stage. Solo.
Milk used to be their favourite tipple to share. Now she drinks alone. Come and look after Foxy before she does something stupid. In return she will sing and dance for you, desperate to win your love and affection.
“Terrific” **** SCOTSMAN.

– by I Like Gameshow
The running is good to soft. Claire Balding is nowhere to be found… but we are ready to go.
Our suits are pressed and the masks are on.
So I’ll put the bets on and you get the round in – and hurry up ’cause it’s happy hour again.


Hope to see you there!!

Love x


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