The best kind of night is a Drunken Night #3

12 Dec

It's Drunken Nights!Tech rehearsalPrepare to get smashed...Tech rehearsal 2The stage is setCompere John Osbourne prepares

Eleanor & SophieEleanor & Sophie

John Osborne

Josh CoatesJosh Coates

Selina Thompson

John Osborne

Lydia Fraser-WardLydia Fraser-WardFoxy and HuskFoxy and HuskI Like Gameshow

I Like Gameshow

Last Wednesday night (5th Dec) was Drunken Nights #3 in Tooting! It was another cracker of an evening with some fab performances and a lovely supportive audience! Thanks to all who came along – if you were there and didn’t fill in a feedback form please let us know what you thought of the event by leaving a comment below…

Much love x


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    Photos from DRUNKEN NIGHT #3, taken from Sheena’s blog…

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