Drunken Nights development week #1

7 Jan

Today Drunken Nights development week #2 has begun. Chris and I are currently happily ensconced at Rich Mix working with the lovely Selina Thompson and mentor Adam James.

Non Applicable Dance Collective

Non Applicable Dance Collective

So I thought now would be a good time to reflect on Drunken Nights development week #1 which happened here in the week just before Christmas. We worked with Non Applicable Dance Collective who were mentored by Franko B.

And what a week it was!!

Fenella RyanTactical vomSian and Franko

Chicken fillets

You can read what Non Applicable thought about that week of development here.

I remember seeing a video of Franko’s work back when I was at university and just being like ‘wow…’ and so the idea that I would actually be working with him was, well, mind blowing!!

Franko BFranko B

I always find it really fascinating how different people create and respond to work. I know what is inspiring and exciting to me and so it is always refreshing to get an insight into other people’s working methods. Even if (or especially if) those methods wouldn’t necessarily work for me. It’s just so interesting! What can I say? I’m a creative geek.

Anyway, so, being a fly on the wall while Franko mentored Non Applicable was just brilliant. I got so much from it so I can’t even imagine how inspiring it would have been for NA!

Franko B

There are many, many aspects from that week that I could talk about, but I am going to take just one. While giving feedback Franko said something that really struck a chord with me, so much so that I have decided to make it my overall ‘mission statement’ for 2013.

‘Don’t do anything just because it is convenient’

It’s so simple, but as soon as he said it I just realised that for a lot of the decisions I make in both my working and personal life I will often choose the most convenient path. It’s a little bit to do with being generally quite a frightened and insecure person, and a little bit to do with always having to budget, budget, budget, but I can 100% see how this way of thinking is holding me back. And I want to change it!! Just imagine what life could be like if I take the ‘convenience factor’ out of my decision making process… I’m excited about the possibilities…



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