365 day challenge #2

27 Jan

20th January

January 2oth

~ My first attempt at Yorkshire Puddings! ~

19th January

January 19th

~ Snowy lavender ~

18th January

January 18th

~ Overgrounding it to Shoreditch ~


January 17th

~ Your guides to the perfect night out… ~

16th January

January 16th

~ …But not anymore ~

15th January

January 15th

~ Fine Chisel ~

14th January

January 14th

~ Drunken Nights development week #3 begins! ~

13th January

January 13th

~ Post-hangover and illness Sunday roast – Thanks Chris! ~

12th January

January 12th

~ The Lovely Gem-Gem’s Birthday Party ~

11th January

January 11th

~ Selina Thompson ~

10th January

January 1oth

~ The Padlocks of Shoreditch ~

9th January

January 9th

~ Massive bar of chocolate! Yum Yum! ~

8th January

January 8th

~ This is what leaving your tax return til the last minute looks like!! ~

7thJanuaryJanuary 7th

~ Drunken Nights development week #2 begins! ~

I am really enjoying this photography challenge! The thing I am finding most difficult (as I predicted I would…) is not the actual taking of the photos – but being organised enough to adjust them and post them regularly! My plan was to post a weeks worth every Sunday… Ah well. Hopefully I will improve throughout the year : )

So far my photos have been mainly ‘Daily Life’ photos of whatever has been going on that day. I think this is fine for my first month, but I have already been thinking about lots of exciting theme challenges to start trying! I will start my first one in February – not exactly sure what it will be yet though. Watch this space…

Lots and lots of love xxx


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