365 day challenge #3

3 Feb

31st January

January 31st

~ I’m SO in love with my studded xmas boots! ~

30th January

January 30th

~ Drunken Nights final performance at The Star ~

29th January

January 29th

~ Weirdo with a broccoli stalk ~

28th January

January 28th

~ My mate ~

27th January

January 27th

~ My new shot glass (is hard to take a photo of!) ~

26th January

January 26th

~ The view from my window ~

25th January

January 25th

~ Why does this always happen when I cook?…~

24th January

January 24th

~ Snuggly Meggie ~

23rd January

January 23rd

~ I’m looking after The Meggster this weekend ~

22nd January

January 22nd

~ I made toad-in-the-hole ~

21st January

January 21st

~ Drunken Nights work in progress at Rich Mix – awesome evening!! ~

Can’t believe January has disappeared already!!

So I’ve completed my first month of ‘photo a day’… I am REALLY enjoying it!! My next post will be my first themed lot of photos – I can’t wait to post them!!

Loves x


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