365 day challenge #4 – Rainbow colours…

10 Feb

So… here we go… my first ‘themed’ set of photos!! Exciting!!

I chose the theme:

r a i n b o w  c o l o u r s

Because I am a bit obsessed with rainbows at the moment : )


7th February

February 7th

p u r p l e / p i n k

~ Making a yummy chocolate cake ~

6th February

February 6th

b l u e

~ Couldn’t resist getting a shot of Robin’s ‘blue-kulele’ in! ~

5th February

February 5th

b l u e

~ Blues. Anna’s collection of water bottles ~

4th February

February 4th

g r e e n

~ My beloved Bottle Brush plant ~

3rd February

February 3rd

y e l l o w

~ My fave cardigan. Also my first attempt at a self portrait!! Yikes ~

2nd February

February 2nd

o r a n g e

~ Lollipops with Gem Gem ~

1st February

February 1st

r e d

~ Red radiator in Le Chandos : ) ~

I am loving taking themed photos!! It’s kind of easier because it sets me a framework to be creative within. Just taking a photo of anything when you have to do it everyday is hard!

Looking forward to posting my next lot of themed photos next Sunday!! And guess what? I’ve also managed two Sunday posts in a row!! Boom!

Life is good : )

Loves xxx


2 Responses to “365 day challenge #4 – Rainbow colours…”

  1. Fwaire February 12, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    Such pretty colours! 😀 Great theme! (i hope that cake was yummy!)

    • crestfallensheena February 12, 2013 at 10:31 am #

      Thanks so much : ) I had a lot of fun! And yes the cake was delicious : ) x

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