365 day challenge #5

26 Feb


Things have been mega busy for me for the past couple of weeks and keeping up with this challege has been hard! But I am not a quitter!! So here is my 5th instalment – please forgive that there are so many taken on my phone. I have neglected you my beautiful camera and I am sorry : ( Just wait for March I have a treat instore for you… : ) he he.

22nd February

February 22nd

 ~ Shooting a music video on a beach in Margate ~

21st February

February 21st

 ~ Date Night ~

20th February

February 20th

 ~ Airmyn river bank walk with Dylon ~

19th February

February 19th

 ~ How cute is my village?? ~

18th February

February 18th

 ~ Favourite people ~

17th February

February 17th

 ~ Sunday Sundaes for mum’s birthday ~

16th February

February 16th

 ~ Results of a SFX gore workshop : ) ~

15th February

February 15th

 ~ Date Night ~

14th February

February 14th

 ~ Happy Valentines Day!! ~

13th February

February 13th

 ~ Drunken Nights evaluation ~

12th February

February 12th

 ~ The Meggster ~

11th February

February 11th

 ~ Cake!! ~

L o v e

February 10th

 ~ Me in a nutshell ~

9th February

February 9th

 ~ Pretty perfect evening : ) ~

8th February

February 8th

 ~ Ha Ha!! Cheap Penguin bar : ) ~

Loves xxx


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