365 day challenge #6

2 Jun

12th April

April 12th

~ Rainy meeting day ~

11th April

April 11th

~ Just loving balloons at the moment ~

10th April

April 10th

~ Always! ~

9th April

April 9th

~ Glittery jam tarts ~

6th April

April 6th

~ Drunken photos are the best! What is this even of? Those definitely aren’t my drinks! ~

5th April

April 5th

~ Tommy comes to visit ~

4th April

April 4th

~ My mate Robin ~

3rd April

April 3rd

~ I love my morning walks ~

2nd April

April 2nd

~ Mimi ~

1st April

April 1st

~ Blue! ~

31st March

March 31st

~ Easter egg hunt ~

30th March

March 30th

~ Night out with my sister ~

29th March

March 29th

~ Nieces ~

28th March

March 28th

~ Total cutie ~

So… I am WAY behind with posting my photo a day pics! And I missed about a month : ( Oh dear! But trust me, I am back on it now! I will post another 14 pics next Sunday and will soon get caught up : )

Posting these pics a bit late is nice though – because it is reminding me of the lovely Easter I spent with my family… Daily life pics are really cool to have… But I am itching to do another challenge as well… Watch this space!

Big LOVE xxx


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