365 day challenge #7

9 Jun

26th April

April 26th

~ A Birthday spider from my sister! ~

25th April

April 25th

~ Gorgeous Goole sunset ~

24th April

April 24th

~ Early morning London skies ~

23rd April

April 23rd

~ 13 hour intense writing and creating day for ‘La Noche‘ ~

22nd April

April 22nd

~ 2nd Club Soda session! ~

21st April

April 23rd

~ Beautiful early morning walks ~

20th April

April 22nd

~ Cool dude ~

19th April

April 21st

~ Celebrating ‘La Noche’ funding! ~

18th April

April 20th

~ Dark clouds… Drift away to reveal… ~

17th April

April 19th

~ Meet up with our ‘La Noche’ artists! ~

16th April

April 18th

~ Editing photos of ‘The Carbonators’ ~

15th April

April 17th

~ First session working as artists in residence with the Club Soda production team! ~

14th April

April 16th

~ Day off art journaling : ) ~

13th April

April 15th

~ The beginnings of Selina Thompson‘s cake dress! Yum! ~

Mucho love xxx


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