G u t t e d

13 Sep


I was supposed to be shooting my horror film The Ditch this weekend…

But we have had to postpone the shoot because of bad weather…

The Ditch is set in a forest and therefore very dependant on the weather. We were so lucky last year, but unfortunately this year it was not to be.

We had a really tough decision to make  this week. Postponing the shoot was the most sensible thing to do to. I know weather forecasts can be wrong, but as it stands the weather looks terrible in Dorking this weekend. Not just wet and miserable but also unsafe to be in a forest because of the winds.

We are indie filmmakers making a low-budget film. We have enough money for two days of shooting at the location. We can’t afford another trip back there. If we did go this weekend that would be it – our only chance. If we went and it rained and we couldn’t shoot then we would have spent all of our money  that would be it – no film. Well, half a film.  So it is sensible to postpone and replan the shoot. Plus it means that I get some much needed days off this weekend. That is a bonus.

Charlie Brown


I am SO disappointed that im not making a film this weekend!! Making films is my favourite thing ever and so much of filmmaking is pre-production and post-production and logistics and planning… but actually being on set; actual production is AWESOME!! And it makes all the other stuff worth it! Team ‘On The Train Productions’ have been working SO HARD for so long – all with the goal of shooting The Ditch this weekend… And now were not shooting! Waaaaahhh! And I don’t know what to do with myself!

What makes it worse is that we have had such an overwhleming amount of support for Th Ditch – Stephen gave away his summer and ran an amazing crowdfunding campaign to fund this shoot. We reached our target because of all you lovely people who donated and it’s a massive kick in the teeth to not be able to thank you all with a pretty much finished film at the end of this weekend…

But anyway, it’s not the end of the world. We WILL finish this film. It’s just a case of more scheduling, more planning and more logistics now to work out when we can move this postponed shoot to…

I will leave you with my favourite pic of me from the 2012 shoot…

Mucho love xxx

Sheena Holliday, Director


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  1. The Ditch – take 2 | Just a Crestfallen Northern Girl... - May 16, 2014

    […] So we were all set for our second half of shooting which was scheduled for September 2013 – the film is set in a forest so we had to shoot at the same time each year so that the leaves looked the same… Unfortunately in the week before the shoot we had to cancel because of really bad weather… I wrote about how completely gutted I was about that here. […]

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