Studio Cake Saturdays!!

30 Sep

“For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake”

Alfred Hitchcock


So, inspired by Alfred I have decided to combine the two great loves of my life and begin project #studiocakesaturdays : )

On a Saturday I work with an amazing team of people as part of Studio Film School – we run filmmaking workshops with young people. It is brilliant fun. And what could make these sessions even better? Cake. Oh yes.

So every Saturday one of the team will be baking for us all and I will be blogging about it here and sharing photos of the lovely yummyness and linking to the recipes we use.


I started Studio Cake Saturdays off by baking double chocolate and raspberry brownies… Yowzers! I found the recipe here.

I’ve made these brownies a couple of times before and I was really impressed by how easy they were to make and how darn delicious they were! Boom! A perfect choice for the first Studio Cake Saturday!


Now, I LOVE to bake but normally it’s just for myself and so there’s not much pressure! Baking for others is another story entirely! Eeeek!


I’ve learnt two very important things about baking this week…

1. Pay attention to how long your cake should be in the oven for.

2. Use the correct sized tin.

Yes both are just common sense and reading a recipe but both are things that I never do!

Anyway, here is a photo of the team enjoying my brownies : )



Mucho cake love x


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