Studio Cake Saturdays – week 2

4 Oct

Eat Cake

Image from here

Last week it was the lovely Kayleigh’s turn to bake for Studio Cake Saturdays! She made some ‘Jammy Heart Drops’

Kayleigh followed this recipe but says –

“I didn’t put the icing sugar on top because I thought they were sweet enough without it”


Proud baker

Kayleigh is not your traditional baker…

“I had no scales or measuring equipment so had to

guesstimate everything, but they actually turned out

pretty tasty, I guess my A in food tech GCSE

came into practice after all!”

I admire her renegade approach to baking!

Jammy Heart Drops

Kayleigh’s ‘Jammy Heart Drops’ were a massive hit! Super yummy! The perfect pre Studio Film School food : )

And this was all that was left when I returned to the store room after my session…

2013-09-28 13.50.01_Carl_Soft

Thanks Kayleigh!

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Lots of jammy heart love xxx


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