Studio Cake Saturdays – week 3

11 Oct


Image from here

Week 3 of Studio Cake Saturdays showcases the work of Kaydee – a lovely new member of team Studio Film. On her first week working wth us she proudly declared her love for baking and immediately signed up for Studio Cake Saturdays. My kind of gal : )

Proud baker

I am learning so much about the different ways people approach baking during this project! Last week Kayleigh told us how she measured out her ingredients without using scales, but this week Kaydee takes it one step further…

“I didn’t actually use a recipe”


This kind of thing really impresses me because there is no way I could make a cake without following a recipe! I suppose I just need more practise to become the fabulous baker that I aspire to be…

Vegan brownies

“I did the measurements by eye because I don’t have my scales in halls!”

Kaydee is obviously a baking pro!

Dan enjoying his brownie

“I always make sure I use at least 200g of chocolate in any batch of brownies and because I’m easing myself into being vegan I used bananas as my binding agent instead of eggs to still get a gooey texture”

Kaydee’s brownies were incredible! And vegan! Which pleased Donna : )

Here are the ingredients she used:

Sunflower spread (butter substitute)
Dark chocolate
Vanilla essence
Loads of caster sugar


“Oh my god these brownies are amazing!”

– Kayleigh

I am seriously impressed with the standard of Studio Cake Saturdays so far! Awesome! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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Gooey, vegan, brownie love xxx


2 Responses to “Studio Cake Saturdays – week 3”

  1. Dan October 14, 2013 at 5:34 pm #

    Sorry I missed them! I’m nervously awaiting my turn…


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    […] In week 8 Kaydee returned as our Studio Cake Saturdays baking extraordinaire.. you can see her previous bake here. […]

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