Studio Cake Saturdays – week 4

19 Oct

LemonsImage from here

This week’s Studio Cake Saturday encountered a slight hiccup… I had to leave as soon as my workshop was over to head to another workshop… So I didn’t get chance to try the cake! I didn’t get chance to take a photo of the cake! Poor Dan R had baked something wonderful and I didn’t get a photo of him proudly displaying it!! I got one small glimpse and one little sniff and then I was gone! Boo and hiss.

Donna enjoyed it though and tweeted this…

“A valiant effort from baker @The_Batdan for #studiocakesaturdays another delicious vegan chocolate delight”

Dan made a vegan cake as well! Nice one. He followed this recipe but I’m afraid I can’t share any more info! I promise to do an extra big feature for the next time he bakes for Studio Cake Saturdays..

So I decided that I would write about a cake that I have made this week instead! Kind of a Studio Cake Saturday DVD extra if you will..


I decided I wanted to make a chocolate cake. Easy right? Well, normally when I make a chocolate cake I use my Grandmas recipe. But this recipe demands evaporated milk which I didn’t have. So I searched the internet and came across this one. I followed the instructions to make the cake but not the icing. For that I just followed the ‘butter cream’ recipe on the back of the packet of icing sugar. He he.


Despite following an actual recipe I also got a bit creative. Oh yes. Instead of using cocoa I used some snazzy hot chocolate flake stuff that I’d had for ages because it was just far too snazzy to make actual hot chocolate with (I know, ludicrous..)

Chocolate cake

I did feel pretty proud of myself at the time but I feel my creativeness had limited success. Firstly the cake isn’t brown – it’s more speckled with brown. Secondly it doesn’t taste massively chocolatey. So I think I should probably have melted the chocolate flakes first or maybe added a bit more or something. Ah well. You live and learn ; )


The next two weeks are going to be pretty exciting Studio Cake Saturday-wise because our next two bakers are Donna and Dan – only the people in charge of Studio Film School!! Yes! Fabulous.

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Speckled, chocolate flakey love xxx


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