Studio Cake Saturdays – week 5

23 Nov

Cake NeonImage from here

Studio Cake Saturdays is back!! We had two weeks off for half term and since then I have got very behind with the old blogging… but I am now back and ready to rock n roll!

In our last session before half term we got to sample a delightful cake that Donna had made.

It had pears in it… Whole pears… Amazing..

Pear cake!!

Donna found the whole baking process quite stressful as you can read here from her tweets:

“Things to bear in mind

1. I am not a baker

2. I don’t have an oven

3. Or any scales

4. Or a mixing bowl

5. Making a vegan cake”


“Step 1 Poaching pears and vanilla pods in some white wine”

“Step 2 Text @Sheena_Holliday asking for advice”

“And pre heat the microwave”

“Step 3 ** could go horribly wrong ** Put all the cake bits into the blender”

“And… Hope for the best!”

“I am crouch watching a la #GBBO

“Cake has doubled in size…”

“How much rise is good? And how much rise makes it the Incredible Hulk of the cake world??”

“Aaaargh!!! I could have made doughnuts. Apparently you don’t actually bake those!”

“So the cake doesn’t look great (a bit hulk like) but it smells nice and I tried a tiny piece and it tastes like cake, so 2/3 ain’t bad”

“And I can still decorate it to hide some of it’s mountain ranges… #phew

 He he.

Proud baker

Donna followed this recipe but made it vegan. Yes, so far we have had a lot of vegan cakes made as part of Studio Cake Saturdays… Who knew you could make such lovely cakes without butter and eggs?? Not me.

Poached pears

Donna’s cake was really interesting; having a piece of cake that has slices of pear inside it is something I have never tried before. It gave the cake a lovely texture and bursts of moisture. Being more of a red wine fan I’d be interested to try and see if this cake works with red instead of white wine.

Pear cake!

Plus Donna’s cake was monster-sized! Which means it was an immediate winner!

Mucho monster pear cake love x


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