Studio Cake Saturdays – week 6

28 Nov

Breakfast of championsImage from here

This weeks cake was made by Dan and it was most definitely not vegan…

Blueberry cake

Cream cheese frosting?? Scrummy!

Dan followed this recipe and says:

“I really like baking, but am not one of those intuitive people that can guess measurements and substitute ingredients. I follow things as tightly as possible, so when I accidentally had my cake suffer the assault of the grill I was horrified”

Oh dear…

Blueberry cake
“After realising my mistake and slicing off the burnt ‘skin’ from the rest of the uncooked mixture I then replaced the cake in the oven”

Blueberry cake

“I then removed the cake and left it to cool – but then decided I needed to give it one last turn in the oven. Of course, I made the same mistake again and had it on grill…”

He made this : )photo by Donna Bamford

“I’m surprised it turned out so nice – as it definitely went through an ordeal”

Blueberry cake

Well, despite the grilling incident Dan’s cake went down a treat! As you can see from the photos of us all (me) scoffing it! he he.

CAKE!!photo by Donna BamfordYumphoto by Donna Bamford

In my opinion you cannot beat blueberries in a cake. Cover that cake in cream cheese frosting and blimey you’ve got a winner!

I’ll leave you for now with a tweet from Dan:

“Thank God for icing. It’s not pretty. #studiocakesaturdays”

Mucho Blueberry Cake Saturday Lovin’



4 Responses to “Studio Cake Saturdays – week 6”

  1. donnabamford November 28, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    I just want to say “I took those photos of everyone enjoying the cake!”

    I’ll have no more ridiculing of my DSLR skills, I am now a published photographer!!

    • crestfallensheena November 28, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

      I’ve amended the blog Donna – you now have a credit : )


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