Studio Cake Saturdays – week 7

10 Jan

cake or deathImage from here

Happy New Year!!

As I write this I am dieting! Gah! When what I really want to be doing is eating cake! But not just any cake – oh no I want to be eating the most wonderful cake ever GUINNESS CAKE!!

That’s right, for my second go at Studio Cake Saturdays I made my most favourite cake to make combining two of my favourite things – chocolate and Guinness! Yum!


I’ve made this cake lots of times and I follow this recipe –  it’s a great cake for a party or special occasion because it looks fabulous! The only thing is you have to keep it in a fridge because of the topping..

Well healthy..

Clearly it’s a very healthy cake too!!


Washing up!

I had to take a photo of the washing up because somehow – and I don’t know how – every time I bake I use literally everything in the kitchen!! Does this happen to other people??

Guinness cake..

So here it is the Guinness cake – decorated to look like a very flat pint of Guinness : )

Proud baker : )

photo by Dan Farrell
Guinness cake..

A little Guinness cake and editing equipment still life.. well we’re at film school aren’t we?!

Enjoying Guinness cake..

My cake went down well! Donna even had a slice!

Yummy Chocolately Guinness-ey cake love xxx


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