Studio Cake Saturdays – week 8

3 Feb

pink cupcake

image from here

In week 8 Kaydee returned as our Studio Cake Saturdays baking extraordinaire.. you can see her previous bake here.

What I love about Kaydee is that she doesn’t really follow recipes, she just knows how to bake so follows her intuition and takes only a bit of guidance from a written recipe. I think that is super cool!

Proud baker!

Kaydee roughly followed this recipe but added her own special touches..

“The key thing I did differently is put the cake back in the oven for 7 minutes once I put the syrup on it. I don’t know if this does anything at all, but from making a few the best sponges were the ones I did this with”

Lemon cake
“The cream cheese icing was just me pretending to be a wizard, mixing random quantities of Philly, icing sugar and vanilla essence. In a school girl error I didn’t sieve the icing sugar so was somewhat devastated by presentation but hey ho it was a tasty cake!”


Love this little extra note from Kaydee..

“You can probably mention that I threw being vegan out of the window because I had icing envy after yours and Dan’s marvellous cakes and cream cheese toppings”

You can find details of cream cheese toppings made by me and Dan here.


Lemon cake

It was super scrummy thanks Kaydee!!

Follow the project on twitter and instagram #studiocakesaturdays

Creamy, cheesey, lemony cake love : ) xxx


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