You can do it Bruce!!

21 Mar

Studio Cake Saturdays is BACK!!!

As a small recap Studio Cake Saturdays is a baking project I run with the lovely people I work with at Studio Film School in Balham on a Saturday. We each take it in turns to bake and then I take photos and blog about it : )


Whoops! Cake on the floor!

But I decided to make some changes this term and make it more movie themed (One of my favourite things to do is to theme things!) So I have asked everyone to make a cake inspired by their favourite (15 rated or below) film.. Yes, exciting! So without further ado lets get cracking! First up, the Lovely Sophie who chose ‘Matilda’


“It was my favourite film as a child. I used to watch it all the time and knew all the words”

“I love the scene in the assembly hall with Bruce eating the big cake, it’s my favourite scene in the film, that’s why I decided to make the chocolate fudge cake”


“Erm my baking experience was.. Interesting”


“I love baking but not having any baking equipment I had to use a fork to whisk and guess the measurements but I think it turned out ok”

Sophie and Dan R

“I wrote on the top in white chocolate chips ‘You can do it Bruce’ which is out of the scene, but my travel to work ruined that!”

You can do it Bruce!

Confession: I have never actually seen Matilda! So did not get Sophie’s cake at all! But I do now and totally love it! It was a fabulously delicious choclate cake as well! Nice one Sophie!

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You can do it!! Eat cake!!

Much love xxx


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