Batman Vs Slimer…

28 Mar

The lovely team!

The lovely Studio Film School team

Week 2 of Studio Cake Saturdays was officially ‘Double Cake Saturday’ – because if there’s anything better than one person bringing in a cake to work, it’s TWO people bringing in a cake to work! Yum!

First up is baker of the week – Dan R who followed a recipe from this book..

“I chose Ghostbusters due to the then recent death of it’s creator and star Harold Ramis, as I was a huge fan as a kid and remain so to this day”


“I love this film as it combines 2 of my favourite genres, horror and comedy, in a great way. I also love the creature designs and effects in the film, mostly what my cake was inspired by. I will always have a soft spot for more practical creature effects, such as stop motion animation or puppetry, and this movie was a great showcase for them”


“This is probably the first time I have felt at ease while baking and have enjoyed the end result. The recipe was simple and used one of my favourite ingredients (LIMES), and was very fun to decorate at the end. It was very good, even if I say so myself”

 It was super delicious – I am also a fan of limes and a fan of bright green icing!

The second cake of ‘Double Cake Saturday’ was made by me and it was in honour of Dan R’s birthday. I made him a Batman cake because he LOVES Batman!!


I followed a recipe that my mum once gave me – I think it was from a cake that my Grandma used to make. It turns out to be a lovely moist chocolatey cake so it’s a recipe I return to often.


7 oz Self raising flour

8 oz caster sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 oz cocoa

4 oz margarine

2 eggs beaten with 5 tablespoons of evaporated milk and 5 tablespoons of water

Few drops of vanilla essence.

Sieve flour, sugar, salt and cocoa (at least 3 times!) Rub in margarine. Stir in eggs, essence and liquid (slowly!) beat well and bake at 180 C.


Happy Birthday!

Yey! I’m pleased with how my cake turned out – this is the first time I have ever done anything ‘exciting’ with icing – drawing that bat was quite hard and it took a while but I’m happy with how it looks : )

Yum Yum!

Back to regular Studio Cake Saturdays next week! And guess who is baking?? Me!!

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Slimey, Limey, Batman love x


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