Celebrating Sparks!!!

22 Apr


Studio Cake Saturdays is back!!


Studio Cake Saturdays is a project I started a couple of years ago where all of the people I work with on a Saturday take turns to bring in cake. There is nothing better than finishing a workshop and eating delicious cake. Yum.

This term we have a very exciting theme – ‘Celebration!’ Because Studio Film School has rebranded to Sparks! And what better way to celebrate than with CAKE!!

So first up we have one of the Sparks company directors – Dan..

“I picked a recipe that I’d done before. It’s from the Hummingbird bakery who tend to advocate using a food processor to beat everything together – which is always a win in my book”


“I chose this bake because:
– I once made these as part of a wedding present
– they are red and white – the colours of a show my partner has been working on that opened that week
– I once attended an American Halloween party dressed as Strawberry Shortcake”
“I’d made the cakes before so I didn’t have too much trouble – but the mixture didn’t seem to make very many cakes – I was surprised by how little battle batter there was – so maybe I didn’t mix it well enough?”
“Also, the cream cheese icing didn’t keep very well in a tin over the tube – it was very runny. So maybe I should have put more sugar in”
The recipe Dan used can be found here.
Thanks very much Dan! Your cakes were LOVELY!!

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