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A great film to watch when…

20 Apr

I love watching films!! Ha! Of course I do! But one of my absolute favourite things to do is to watch a film on a theme… For example, ‘Halloween’ is my favourite film ever – but watching ‘Halloween’ actually on Halloween night makes it even better! Or watching ‘Friday 13thon Friday the 13th – again brilliant! Watching ‘Shirley Valentine’ when you’ve just got back from a holiday in Greece, watching ‘Sideways’ when you’re about to go on a hen/stag weekend, watching ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ when your best friend… Anyway, these are quite obvious examples but hopefully you catch my drift.

I got thinking about this the other day when I was on a long train journey between London and Lancaster – what would be the perfect film to watch while on this train? Hmmm… There were quite a few contenders but I finally decided that ‘Before Sunrise’ would be the perfect film.

I was only introduced to this film last year when a friend suggested that I should watch it as research for a script I was working on, and I absolutely loved it!

A very brief synopsis for those who haven’t seen it – Jesse and Celine are both travelling through Europe on a train, they get talking and have an immediate connection. After a great conversation Jesse asks Celine to get off the train with him in Vienna. Celine takes a leap of faith and does so and they spend the whole night wandering around Vienna taking in the sights and talking.

I think it’s a great film for many reasons – it’s a very simple idea, it’s very ‘talky’ which I like in a film, it has lots of beautiful shots of Vienna in, it’s totally romantic – two people being spontaneous and taking a chance on each other and it makes me reminisce about the time I spent in Europe when I was younger.

But why is it the perfect film to watch on a train?? Well firstly because the story begins on a train but more so because I think the film is about taking chances, living for the moment and seizing opportunities when they appear. I think that travelling long distances of any kind presents you with new opportunities, new people and new interactions that can either be ignored or seized depending on your frame of mind. I just feel like this film reminds me to ‘Carpe Diem’ (one of my favourite personal mantras) and what better time is there to do this than while travelling?

Anyone else got any suggestions for great films to watch when you’re on a train?

Mucho love x