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365 day challenge #7

9 Jun

26th April

April 26th

~ A Birthday spider from my sister! ~

25th April

April 25th

~ Gorgeous Goole sunset ~

24th April

April 24th

~ Early morning London skies ~

23rd April

April 23rd

~ 13 hour intense writing and creating day for ‘La Noche‘ ~

22nd April

April 22nd

~ 2nd Club Soda session! ~

21st April

April 23rd

~ Beautiful early morning walks ~

20th April

April 22nd

~ Cool dude ~

19th April

April 21st

~ Celebrating ‘La Noche’ funding! ~

18th April

April 20th

~ Dark clouds… Drift away to reveal… ~

17th April

April 19th

~ Meet up with our ‘La Noche’ artists! ~

16th April

April 18th

~ Editing photos of ‘The Carbonators’ ~

15th April

April 17th

~ First session working as artists in residence with the Club Soda production team! ~

14th April

April 16th

~ Day off art journaling : ) ~

13th April

April 15th

~ The beginnings of Selina Thompson‘s cake dress! Yum! ~

Mucho love xxx


365 day challenge #6

2 Jun

12th April

April 12th

~ Rainy meeting day ~

11th April

April 11th

~ Just loving balloons at the moment ~

10th April

April 10th

~ Always! ~

9th April

April 9th

~ Glittery jam tarts ~

6th April

April 6th

~ Drunken photos are the best! What is this even of? Those definitely aren’t my drinks! ~

5th April

April 5th

~ Tommy comes to visit ~

4th April

April 4th

~ My mate Robin ~

3rd April

April 3rd

~ I love my morning walks ~

2nd April

April 2nd

~ Mimi ~

1st April

April 1st

~ Blue! ~

31st March

March 31st

~ Easter egg hunt ~

30th March

March 30th

~ Night out with my sister ~

29th March

March 29th

~ Nieces ~

28th March

March 28th

~ Total cutie ~

So… I am WAY behind with posting my photo a day pics! And I missed about a month : ( Oh dear! But trust me, I am back on it now! I will post another 14 pics next Sunday and will soon get caught up : )

Posting these pics a bit late is nice though – because it is reminding me of the lovely Easter I spent with my family… Daily life pics are really cool to have… But I am itching to do another challenge as well… Watch this space!

Big LOVE xxx

365 day challenge #5

26 Feb


Things have been mega busy for me for the past couple of weeks and keeping up with this challege has been hard! But I am not a quitter!! So here is my 5th instalment – please forgive that there are so many taken on my phone. I have neglected you my beautiful camera and I am sorry : ( Just wait for March I have a treat instore for you… : ) he he.

22nd February

February 22nd

 ~ Shooting a music video on a beach in Margate ~

21st February

February 21st

 ~ Date Night ~

20th February

February 20th

 ~ Airmyn river bank walk with Dylon ~

19th February

February 19th

 ~ How cute is my village?? ~

18th February

February 18th

 ~ Favourite people ~

17th February

February 17th

 ~ Sunday Sundaes for mum’s birthday ~

16th February

February 16th

 ~ Results of a SFX gore workshop : ) ~

15th February

February 15th

 ~ Date Night ~

14th February

February 14th

 ~ Happy Valentines Day!! ~

13th February

February 13th

 ~ Drunken Nights evaluation ~

12th February

February 12th

 ~ The Meggster ~

11th February

February 11th

 ~ Cake!! ~

L o v e

February 10th

 ~ Me in a nutshell ~

9th February

February 9th

 ~ Pretty perfect evening : ) ~

8th February

February 8th

 ~ Ha Ha!! Cheap Penguin bar : ) ~

Loves xxx

365 day challenge #4 – Rainbow colours…

10 Feb

So… here we go… my first ‘themed’ set of photos!! Exciting!!

I chose the theme:

r a i n b o w  c o l o u r s

Because I am a bit obsessed with rainbows at the moment : )


7th February

February 7th

p u r p l e / p i n k

~ Making a yummy chocolate cake ~

6th February

February 6th

b l u e

~ Couldn’t resist getting a shot of Robin’s ‘blue-kulele’ in! ~

5th February

February 5th

b l u e

~ Blues. Anna’s collection of water bottles ~

4th February

February 4th

g r e e n

~ My beloved Bottle Brush plant ~

3rd February

February 3rd

y e l l o w

~ My fave cardigan. Also my first attempt at a self portrait!! Yikes ~

2nd February

February 2nd

o r a n g e

~ Lollipops with Gem Gem ~

1st February

February 1st

r e d

~ Red radiator in Le Chandos : ) ~

I am loving taking themed photos!! It’s kind of easier because it sets me a framework to be creative within. Just taking a photo of anything when you have to do it everyday is hard!

Looking forward to posting my next lot of themed photos next Sunday!! And guess what? I’ve also managed two Sunday posts in a row!! Boom!

Life is good : )

Loves xxx

365 day challenge #3

3 Feb

31st January

January 31st

~ I’m SO in love with my studded xmas boots! ~

30th January

January 30th

~ Drunken Nights final performance at The Star ~

29th January

January 29th

~ Weirdo with a broccoli stalk ~

28th January

January 28th

~ My mate ~

27th January

January 27th

~ My new shot glass (is hard to take a photo of!) ~

26th January

January 26th

~ The view from my window ~

25th January

January 25th

~ Why does this always happen when I cook?…~

24th January

January 24th

~ Snuggly Meggie ~

23rd January

January 23rd

~ I’m looking after The Meggster this weekend ~

22nd January

January 22nd

~ I made toad-in-the-hole ~

21st January

January 21st

~ Drunken Nights work in progress at Rich Mix – awesome evening!! ~

Can’t believe January has disappeared already!!

So I’ve completed my first month of ‘photo a day’… I am REALLY enjoying it!! My next post will be my first themed lot of photos – I can’t wait to post them!!

Loves x

365 day challenge #2

27 Jan

20th January

January 2oth

~ My first attempt at Yorkshire Puddings! ~

19th January

January 19th

~ Snowy lavender ~

18th January

January 18th

~ Overgrounding it to Shoreditch ~


January 17th

~ Your guides to the perfect night out… ~

16th January

January 16th

~ …But not anymore ~

15th January

January 15th

~ Fine Chisel ~

14th January

January 14th

~ Drunken Nights development week #3 begins! ~

13th January

January 13th

~ Post-hangover and illness Sunday roast – Thanks Chris! ~

12th January

January 12th

~ The Lovely Gem-Gem’s Birthday Party ~

11th January

January 11th

~ Selina Thompson ~

10th January

January 1oth

~ The Padlocks of Shoreditch ~

9th January

January 9th

~ Massive bar of chocolate! Yum Yum! ~

8th January

January 8th

~ This is what leaving your tax return til the last minute looks like!! ~

7thJanuaryJanuary 7th

~ Drunken Nights development week #2 begins! ~

I am really enjoying this photography challenge! The thing I am finding most difficult (as I predicted I would…) is not the actual taking of the photos – but being organised enough to adjust them and post them regularly! My plan was to post a weeks worth every Sunday… Ah well. Hopefully I will improve throughout the year : )

So far my photos have been mainly ‘Daily Life’ photos of whatever has been going on that day. I think this is fine for my first month, but I have already been thinking about lots of exciting theme challenges to start trying! I will start my first one in February – not exactly sure what it will be yet though. Watch this space…

Lots and lots of love xxx

365 day challenge – a photo a day!

6 Jan

Happy New Year!! : )

Back in the autumn I finally got around to buying myself a snazzy-mcsnazzo camera (AKA a Canon 550d) and I am completely head over heels in love with it!! So, taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogs I have decided to set myself a big photography challenge for 2013 – take a photo every day for 365 days… Exciting!!

The reason I am doing this challenge is to generally improve my photography skills and also to become more creative with the kind of photos I take…

I plan to do a weekly post of the photos I’ve taken. I expect there will be lots of photos from projects I am working on, plus lots of photos of the cakes and cocktails I make : ) he he. But also I am going to set myself little mini thematic challenges throughout the year to encourage myself to take photos of different things. I will mainly be taking photos with my Canon but will probably include photos taken on my phone and my point and shoot camera…

So here goes… Heres the first few days of 2013! Enjoy!

January 6th

January 6th

~ Leaving drinkies with Big G ~

January 5th

January 5th

~ Airmyn sunrise ~

January 4th

January 4th

~ View from my childhood bedroom window ~

January 3rd

January 3rd

~ My favourite dog Beanie ~

Adore my little mate

January 2nd

~ Holding hands with The Snoog ~

January 1st

January 1st

~ Walking on Filey beach ~

Totally loving this challenge already! 2013 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Anyone else doing a 365 challenge this year?