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Who fancies a good old Drunken Night??

29 Nov



Drunken Nights II is:

Raucous! Exciting! Boozy! Free! Spectacular! Rowdy!

All the best words!



Drunken Nights is a project by Drunken Chorus AKA myself and Chris. We ran the first one last year and it was a roaring sucess. So we are back for a second year. And this time we have our own beer. Drunken Nights Ale. Oh yes.

Tomorrow night is the first of four Drunken Nights – four nights of FREE performance work presented in pubs. All by early career artists, all made specifically for a pub environment.


It’s going to be a BLAST!

Hope you can make one of our nights!!

Love Love xxx


3 weeks of Drunken Nights…

28 Feb

Adam talks about little crescendos

Robert takes notes

Chris and Sheena get a free latte from the nice waitress with the incredible glittery nails

Fine Chisel discuss Rose

Fenella pukes

Sian Pukes

Selina Pukes

Cathy pauses

Sheena takes a photo

Adam James Fine Chisel Chicken fillets

Adam talks about Evil Dead 2

Chris and Sheena walk from Moorgate

Selina smashes a glass

Chris and Sheena walk back to Moorgate

Franko plays the harp

Tom interrupts Robin

Fenella breaks an egg against her head and smears the yolk through her hair

Chris turns on the light

Sheena takes a photo

Fine Chisel Fenella Ryan 7thJanuary

Tom plays the mandolin

Chris puts on a dog mask

Sheena carries a bulky box of breakaway glasses onto a busy tube. People scowl

George sings a song

Cathy talks about stories

Sheena brings the bulky box of breakaway glasses back home on a busy tube. People glare

Fine Chisel sing ‘Fill ‘em Up’

Franko talks about getting filthier

Sheena takes a photo

Fine Chisel Adam James Selina Thompson Franko B

George interrupts Tom and Robin

Sian stirs water into some cold gravy

Selina lists the sounds and smells of something she can hear but can’t see

Chris talks about The Mac

Sheena talks about the largest inland port in Europe

Robin plays the ukulele

Franko does The Sexy Dance

Fenella stumbles and falls

Sheena takes a photo

Cathy Naden IMG_9366 Non Applicable Dance Collective

Adam, Selina, Chris and Sheena eat Christmas biscuits.

George tells a story

Sian sees a drink and she grabs it, and she sees a drink and she grabs it

Selina gets lost

Cathy talks about wrong versions and right versions

Robin interrupts Tom

Franko takes Sian, Fenella, Chris and Sheena to a sex shop and gives them the grand tour

Chris plays the triangle

Sheena takes a photo

Adam James Selina Thompson Cathy Naden Fine Chisel

Fenella and Sian are in just their underwear

Chris and Sheena drink beer

Tom blows up imaginary colourful balloons

Franko, Chris and Sheena go for lunch

Chris turns on a special light

Sheena wants a mojito

Franko talks about convenience

Everyone drinks

Sheena takes a photo

Fine Chisel Franko B Fine Chisel


Drunken Nights development week #1

7 Jan

Today Drunken Nights development week #2 has begun. Chris and I are currently happily ensconced at Rich Mix working with the lovely Selina Thompson and mentor Adam James.

Non Applicable Dance Collective

Non Applicable Dance Collective

So I thought now would be a good time to reflect on Drunken Nights development week #1 which happened here in the week just before Christmas. We worked with Non Applicable Dance Collective who were mentored by Franko B.

And what a week it was!!

Fenella RyanTactical vomSian and Franko

Chicken fillets

You can read what Non Applicable thought about that week of development here.

I remember seeing a video of Franko’s work back when I was at university and just being like ‘wow…’ and so the idea that I would actually be working with him was, well, mind blowing!!

Franko BFranko B

I always find it really fascinating how different people create and respond to work. I know what is inspiring and exciting to me and so it is always refreshing to get an insight into other people’s working methods. Even if (or especially if) those methods wouldn’t necessarily work for me. It’s just so interesting! What can I say? I’m a creative geek.

Anyway, so, being a fly on the wall while Franko mentored Non Applicable was just brilliant. I got so much from it so I can’t even imagine how inspiring it would have been for NA!

Franko B

There are many, many aspects from that week that I could talk about, but I am going to take just one. While giving feedback Franko said something that really struck a chord with me, so much so that I have decided to make it my overall ‘mission statement’ for 2013.

‘Don’t do anything just because it is convenient’

It’s so simple, but as soon as he said it I just realised that for a lot of the decisions I make in both my working and personal life I will often choose the most convenient path. It’s a little bit to do with being generally quite a frightened and insecure person, and a little bit to do with always having to budget, budget, budget, but I can 100% see how this way of thinking is holding me back. And I want to change it!! Just imagine what life could be like if I take the ‘convenience factor’ out of my decision making process… I’m excited about the possibilities…


The best kind of night is a Drunken Night #3

12 Dec

It's Drunken Nights!Tech rehearsalPrepare to get smashed...Tech rehearsal 2The stage is setCompere John Osbourne prepares

Eleanor & SophieEleanor & Sophie

John Osborne

Josh CoatesJosh Coates

Selina Thompson

John Osborne

Lydia Fraser-WardLydia Fraser-WardFoxy and HuskFoxy and HuskI Like Gameshow

I Like Gameshow

Last Wednesday night (5th Dec) was Drunken Nights #3 in Tooting! It was another cracker of an evening with some fab performances and a lovely supportive audience! Thanks to all who came along – if you were there and didn’t fill in a feedback form please let us know what you thought of the event by leaving a comment below…

Much love x


7 Dec


“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”

E.E. Cummings


Drunken Night #3 | 5th December 2012 | Tooting

4 Dec

Drunken Nights flyer

Holy moley!! It’s December!! It’s time for Drunken Nights #3!!


Wednesday 5th December 2012 – 8pm (Short performances)
@ THE TRAFALGAR ARMS – Tooting High Street, London SW17 0RT – Tube: Tooting Broadway

***Special Guest Compere: JOHN OSBORNE (poet)

– by Eleanor and Sophie
Eleanor is reluctant to go out. She lives in the pub and is still in her pyjamas. She fancies putting on her whites wash load, nursing a pint of milk, and watching the footie on the big screen. When Sophie arrives, however, she is already dressed for a night she might regret. Through a mixture of blackmail, teasing, and inadvisable dancing, these girls tell a story about who they want to be. Whether they get there or not is still unwritten.

– by Josh Coates
Moon Under Water is a conversation between you, Josh and his dad (Nigel) about pubs. After breaking a promise to his father on the turn of his 18th birthday, Josh is now in search for the perfect pub in which to buy his father a belated pint.

– by Selina Thompson
The first time I went to a pub, I was 14. I’m 22 now, don’t worry. The first time I went in a pub, the first time I went to London, the first thing that happened was a fight. I almost feel like that’s what pubs are for…

– by Lydia Fraser Ward
Lydia Fraser-Ward presents newly developed dance piece Binge, exploring how to be drunk, and how to be a woman. Lydia doesn’t drink – she can’t get drunk. She just pretends to be drunk…to fit in. She’ll dance on tables, sing too loudly, and fall over exposing her pants. She wouldn’t want to embarrass herself by sitting in a corner all night. Binge is a dance where Lydia gets to explore what it’s really like to get drunk by asking other women to get drunk for her, or pretend with her. See some ladies get off their heads… or perhaps not.

– by Foxy & Husk
Foxy takes to the stage. Solo.
Milk used to be their favourite tipple to share. Now she drinks alone. Come and look after Foxy before she does something stupid. In return she will sing and dance for you, desperate to win your love and affection.
“Terrific” **** SCOTSMAN.

– by I Like Gameshow
The running is good to soft. Claire Balding is nowhere to be found… but we are ready to go.
Our suits are pressed and the masks are on.
So I’ll put the bets on and you get the round in – and hurry up ’cause it’s happy hour again.


Hope to see you there!!

Love x

The best kind of night is a Drunken Night #2

23 Nov

Drunken Nights #2 took place on Tuesday night in North London. It was another exciting evening of brand new performances, all in the early stages of development and all created specifically for a pub audience. It was a great night!! And I wanted to share some pictures I took during the evening of all our lovely performers…


Huge thanks and big love to everyone who came along and supported us on Tuesday eve! If you were there please let us know what you thought of the event by leaving a comment below!

Love, love, love xxx