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The Dark Night of my Soul…

23 Apr

'I'm desperate' 1992-3 by Gillian Wearing

image from here

This week I have started work on a brand new incredibly exciting project! Chris announces it here

My first job for this project is to generate some script for us to work from in rehearsals next week.

Chris and I have been talking, thinking, planning for this project for ages and ages. I have been scribbling down ideas, lyrics, scenarios, gathering images, preparing art journal pages… And today is the day that I will pull all of that together and begin writing…

I am going to spend the day intensly writing and making. My phone is on silent. Emails will not be checked.

I have a set an alarm to go off every hour so that I can tweet (@Sheena_Holliday) exactly what I am doing at that moment. It could be a line of dialogue, it could be lyrics from a song, it could be a scene description, it could be an image from my art journal, it could be a description of the glass of whiskey I am drinking…

Our new project is inspired by ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ – that moment in life and in film where you give up. There is no hope. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Only darkness.

So I will be spending the day exploring absolute despair.

See you on the other side x