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The best kind of night is a Drunken Night #2

23 Nov

Drunken Nights #2 took place on Tuesday night in North London. It was another exciting evening of brand new performances, all in the early stages of development and all created specifically for a pub audience. It was a great night!! And I wanted to share some pictures I took during the evening of all our lovely performers…


Huge thanks and big love to everyone who came along and supported us on Tuesday eve! If you were there please let us know what you thought of the event by leaving a comment below!

Love, love, love xxx

Drunken Night #2 | 20th November 2012 | Highgate

19 Nov

Tomorrow is the second Drunken Nights event! I really, really can’t wait!! Below is a little bit of info about the acts that will be performing…

Tuesday 20th November 2012 – 8pm (Short performances)
@ THE STAR* – Chester Road, London N19 5DF – Tube: Tufnell Park

***Special Guest Compere: IAN SMITH (stand-up)

– by Krissi Musiol
Krissi Musiol cannot dance. – She can’t waltz, she can’t salsa, she can’t do a pirouette. She can’t do the twist, the tango, a tap dance or the tarantella. She can’t two-step, hand-jive, boogie woogie, break dance, dirty dance, maypole dance. She can’t moonwalk. No ballet, polka, flamenco, fandango, vogue or rumba. Nor Irish dancing, Latin dancing, Polish dancing, no pole dancing. There is no way her legs can do a Can-Can.
But if you wouldn’t mind pretending that she’s incredible at it, she’d really appreciate it. In fact, if you want to just pretend that she’s Lady Gaga then that would really make everything better.

– by Eleanor Fogg
I’m seeking Susan again. I’m looking in the boxes under my bed. I’m remembering why I packed those things up. And then I’m putting them back on anyway.
Desperately Seeking Susan is a performance exploring alter ego and forgotten dreams, inspired by a 1985 Madonna film and a life that bears little or no resemblance to Madonna’s.

– by Supply & Demand
Two Quiz Masters, head to toe in glitter and glam. Pub Quiz
with a Difference shows a desperate, tragic woman asking
intimate and awkward questions. Eager to install some integrity into the traditional pub game, Quiz Master Number Two attempts to steer the quiz back on course. Clownesque, and competing for control of the mic, the audience
are exposed to bizarre and provocative questions within the
traditional Pub Quiz format. Top prizes for the most original answers…

– by Diabola Balsa
Diabola Balsa arrived in ‘this great big society’ from Mexico some time ago. This is her first visit to an English pub. She is hoping to expand her social horizons, as her knowledge of English pubs so far is wholly based on impressions gathered from television and the movies. Armed with questions for her British Citizenship form, as well as an ambition to create her own cult and become a baroness, Diabola will be looking for your help to understand everything about the English way of life!

{ WLTM }
– by Two Destination Language
WLTM is a show about us, the two of us. How we got here and where we’re going. And about you. Who you are, how you got here and where you’re going. It’s about relationships. You never know when you might find love – even if you’re already married. Playing with the role of the pub in meeting people, arguing with people, drowning sorrows and meeting more people, Two Destination Language pry under the floorboards to see what you’ve left behind.

{ TEMPERANCE (Nothing is Something is Everything) }
– by Marcus Orlandi
A performance-lecture looking at the history of the Victorian anti-drinking ‘Temperance’ movement, and the modern custom of social drinking.
Standing in a room full of drinkers a teetotal performer will try and make sense of the culture he doesn’t understand, addressing his anxiety and observations about the public house as a venue, the pub entertainer and why we have a Starbucks on every street corner.
Temperance is part of a wider piece entitled Nothing is Something is Everything, an exploration on the theme of the absurdity of the everyday, and the representation of nothingness in pop culture.

See you there!! x