Studio Cake Saturdays – week 9

6 Feb


image from here

Week 9 was Dan R’s second Studio Cake Saturday… And he decided to get creative… And make us get creative too!

What's in the tin??

Ooo what is in the tin?!

Dan took lots of pictures of his baking process and I’ve made a little collage of some of them below…

Dan baked two boxes of cake mix – one Postman Pat and one Silly Faces : ) Dan says..

“It was nice and relaxing to have some clear guidelines to follow, felt like I had little room for error”


Lady cake

“Also I greatly enjoyed getting to bake my childhood, and then have fun decorating them with everyone else”


I made this cake!

We all had a tremendous amount of fun decorating our little cakes and then eating them! It was an awesome Cake Saturday! Thanks Dan!

Follow our baking adventures on twitter and instagram – #studiocakesaturdays

DIY cupcake love xxx


2 Responses to “Studio Cake Saturdays – week 9”

  1. sophiebowns February 6, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

    You cannot beat cake!

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